Construction Chemicals

Manufactured by highly qualified and experienced staff

Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals


The specialty chemical market is complex market that comprises numerous sub-segments. Ritver Business Development unit has addressed the great threats of the different business segments and went to analyze the individualized products, market and competitive profiles. Moreover, this highly competitive market is comprised of large multinationals and SME’s that have their own niche products and sometimes technology focus.


This being said, Ritver needed a unique selling proposition for each sub segment within this industry and has been able to aggressively grab large parts of the market share pies in the Middle Eastern region. With more than a 100 large projects supplied and applied in the GCC, Ritver gained a solid reputation in the market. Ritver Construction chemicals range of products include:


Floor coatings and 3D epoxies, concrete admixture, concrete repairs, surface treatment, repair compounds, tile adhesives and grouts,bonding agents, joint sealants and liquid waterproofing agents. Ritver construction chemical materials are manufactured by highly qualified and experienced staff with senior engineers and chemists that have worked on international patents in the construction industry.


Construction Chemicals Product Offering:

1. Epoxy Floor Coatings:

Solvent Free - Solvent Free Self Levelling - Solvent Based Epoxy - flexible Epoxy - Epoxy Screed - Epoxy fillers - Mortars

2. Waterproofing:

Range Of PU Based Waterproofing - Range Of Liquid Acrylic Membranes

3. Tile Adhesives And Grouts

4. Concrete Repairs Systems

5. Anticarbonation Systems

6. Road Marking Paints

7. PU Floor Coating System for exterior and exposed floor

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