Ritver has been a pioneer in the Middle East and African region in the introduction of solvent free products.

A Dedication To The Environment 1

Ritver has been a pioneer in the Middle East and African region in the introduction of solvent free products.

With the help of European engineers, the company has invested substantial R&D expenditure to be able to complete a full range that is environmentally friendly although the demand in the market was still not created. Ritver was in fact, the first local brand that introduced Low VOC (Volatile Organic Component) technology in the region, such as newly modified in-house polymers.

Ritver’s technicians and product officers are highly trained to assess the hazards and determine whether a product matches a long check list of environmental variables. Moreover, Ritver works closely with other independent Labs in Europe and has been granted a LEED Certificate (Low Energy Electron Diffraction) and was audited and certified by ECI - XOVA (member of US Green Building Council - USGBC).

Research and Development

Ritver R&D (Research and Development) division is considered one of the most developed divisions in the region. Our customer and market orientation strategies that were implemented by the marketing department has enabled the division to be in close contact with market and customer requirements and thus develop relevant technologies and solutions.

The R&D team provides upstream research capability in developing new in-house polymers. New technological platforms enhances performance of products and minimizes its impact on health and environment.

Our R&D division has created 8 patents in the past 15 years. The two most successful ones are the vanguard Tintometric System for paint & coating finishes, and the Stain Mix System for the wood stain finish systems.

Ritver R&D division is considered as a pioneer in introducing wood stains and coloring pastes.

Quality Control

Our fully integrated quality control workflow englobes the whole supply chain. From raw materials to finished goods, Ritver QC (Quality Control) division ensures that all products are tested, stored and manufactured according to highest standards.

Ritver is manufacturing under strict international standards such as BS (British standard), AMSTD (American standard) and AFNOR, controlled and audited through sophisticated testsconducted by third party bodies such as ISO, FIAA, SONCAP, INTEATEK and APAVE.

Our Five Phased Strategy Includes:

  1. Strict requirements and constant audit of raw material suppliers accompanied by facility visits for strategic suppliers.
  2. Thorough inspection and testing of raw material upon warehouse arrival and during storage.
  3. Extended quality assurance procedures during batch preparation.
  4. Inspection and testing prior to filling and dispatch.
  5. Root cause analysis procedure that can follow up any claim of any sold product for the past three years.

Learning Organization

Ritver senior management team realizes that organizations do not organically develop into learning organizations; there are factors prompting their change. In fact, Ritver’s aggressive expansion plan has made it lose its capacity to learn and spread knowledge.

Therefore Ritver has implemented a double loop learning program that successfully maintain knowledge about new products and processes and help employees in different geographical areas understand what is happening in the outside environment and produce creative solutions using the knowledge and skills of all within the organization.

This requires co-operation between individuals and groups, free and reliable communication, and a culture of trust.

Ritver Training Department (RTD) in cooperation with the Marketing function has founded a complete internal training and marketing strategy that uses Visual tutorials, Online Academy and Social Media interfaces to keep all employees highly involved and constantly evolving.

RTD offers trainings on a wide array of topics such as: product knowledge, commercial sessions, technical skills, coating systems, business ethics, industrial safety and environmental issues. Ritver believes in substantial innovation and that human resources are its main drive.